Websites vol. 1

Bookmark folders feel to me like endless drawers in which I put things that I hope that I return to1. Just like real drawers, thought, we only get back to it at random moments in our lives23. When I say “return to”, I might also mean that I no longer act as creator/archivist, but rather as receiver/public. However, this kind of temporalization4 can shift if more people are involved: one person (me) can archive and immediately publish it, and another (you) will get to receive it in its meaningful way.

So here’s a first batch of what I found from my bookmark drawers. In case the website is down, you can always try the wayback machine5.

  1. whose management is not entirely solved (e.g.↩︎

  2. like a spring cleaning ↩︎

  3. like moving apartments ↩︎

  4. there needs to be some time go by for the archive to settle in, and to make its resurfacing meaningful ↩︎

  5. don’t forget to donate <3 ↩︎