Websites vol. 1

Bookmark folders feel to me like endless drawers in which I put things that I hope that I return to1. Just like real drawers, though, we only get back to it at random moments in our lives23. When I say “return to”, it’s important to me that we are not the same kind of person who put the thing in storage in the first place. In this sense, I no longer act as creator/archivist, but rather as receiver/public, and if the thing was just tossed in a box with no context, time affects the meaning we can get from it when we retrieve it (picking up a piece of paper in the drawer: “what was this again?”).

However, this kind of temporalization4 can shift if more people are involved: one person (me) can archive and immediately publish it, and another (you) will get to receive it in its meaningful way. Since someone becomes one’s own stranger after enough time has passed, presenting work to a (potential) stranger right now gets rid of the need for time to pass by for the meaning of an object to be made explicit. There’s probably a thin layer of personal experience that is tied to such object, but that’s an acceptable price for sharing.

So here’s a first batch of what I found from my bookmark drawers. In case the website is down, you can always try the wayback machine5.

  1. whose management is not entirely solved (e.g.↩︎

  2. like a spring cleaning ↩︎

  3. like moving apartments ↩︎

  4. there needs to be some time go by for the archive to settle in, and to make its resurfacing meaningful ↩︎

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